Course Requirements

Vehicle CategoryEC
Areas AvailableTullamore and Mullingar
Learner Permit Permit Required?Yes for Category EC
Age Requirement18 yrs
Lesson Prices€120 per 1.5 hrs
€250 use of truck for test (includes pre test lesson)
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Notes: In order to obtain a learner permit for the artic applicants must be over 18 yrs and already possess a full licence for the rigid lorry (category C). If you sat a theory test for the Rigid you MAY NOT have to sit another one for the artic lorry. However if you passed your rigid test some years ago before the theory test came out , you would have to sit a theory test for a lorry before obtaining your learner permit for the artic, Further information available at When you pass the test on the artic you are entitled to a full licence for EB, EC1 and EC. Learner permits are obtained in the National driver licence service NDLS

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